CareerSeekers is an adaptation of the successful CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program .

In 2015, the Founder & CEO of CareerTrackers sought to expand the model to support corporate Australia’s focus on multicultural diversity while tackling the issue of underemployment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Core to the success of CareerSeekers are the following elements: 

Participants at the Core – from day one we have adopted the belief that the interests of our participants must always drive every aspect of our program. Our approach aims to first find the willing individuals, work with them to define a career path, and then build relationships between prospective employers and individuals keen to work. Our Participants at the Core philosophy has driven the design of the CareerSeekers program. It is embedded in every decision we make. It is an easy compass for decision making.

Inspire Excellence – the purpose of CareerSeekers is to Create Opportunities that Inspire Excellence. It is this purpose the drives us to push our participants in every aspect of our program. We believe our participants can achieve anything they set their minds to. We also believe it is imperative that employers provide challenging work. It is essential that interns and employers expect the most of each other. Without this expectation, we do not believe excellence can occur.

Meaningful Partnerships – partnering is our strength. We recognise that partnerships are essential to our success. We also recognise that these partnerships must be long-term as this is a key element for building trust with our stakeholders. We want to partner with organisations providing a range of support to asylum seekers and refugees. We see partnering as a way to drive efficiency in the social enterprise ecosystem.