CareerSeekers is a program, not a placement. Our program offers ongoing support to interns, their managers and other stakeholders. Core to our philosophy of success is recognising the challenges many asylum seekers and refugees face as they enter the Australian workforce for the first time. Equally, targeted employment of asylum seekers and refugees is new to many organisations. With this in mind we offer comprehensive support before, during and post internship.
All CareerSeekers participants have work rights to obtain employment in Australia.

Below is what you can expect as an employment partner of CareerSeekers:


The basis of CareerSeekers is to ensure both the intern and the workplace are prepared. 

Interns receive comprehensive pre-employment training before arriving for the first day of their internship. 

Our training program is designed and delivered by professionals who know what it takes to build a career in Australia.


Managers of interns receive ongoing support whilst hosting an intern. We facilitate Working with Refugees briefing to the team hosting the intern. 

During the first week of the internship, one of our team members facilitates a session to establish internship objectives with the intern and his or her manager. 

Over the course of the internship, we have scheduled check-ins with managers, to stay on top of the intern’s progress.

Social Impact

Ultimately your participation in CareerSeekers is driving tangible social impact. 

Providing an internship allows our participants the chance to rebuild their confidence and provides meaningful income to the intern’s household. 

Your staff will also grow and develop during the internship. Being a mentor to an asylum seeker or refugee affords the opportunity to share skills and gain deeper insight into the topic of asylum seekers and refugees.

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